Greenhouse and Garden


J.A. Harrison also owns and operates Cloud-Monger Greenhouse and Garden, where he cultivates many of the herbs, edibles and raw materials used in the development of his housemade bitters, syrups, tinctures and tonics for new cocktail recipes.

Seeking out ways to improve sustainability, reduce carbon footprint, and provide for Earth's endangered pollinators, J.A. repurposed an ex-bourbon barrel to serve as a small garden pond, fed by rainwater and aerated by solar energy stored in a solar panel attached to the house. Floating hydroponic plants serve as a landing pad for bees, butterflies and dragonflies to rest and rehydrate, while a small band of guppies and goldfish provide self-sustaining natural mosquito control and a bed of underwater hornwort works to clarify and oxygenate the water and help forestall algae-growth.

In addition to harvesting herbs, roots and vegetables for food, J.A. and his spouse use their garden's offerings to brew and bottle their own kombuchas, and to make natural cosmetics and remedies.

Photos by Amanda Harrison